X-Project is a professional design studio which has been operating in the web-services market for more than five years. Our Studio was one of the first in Russia to provide professional Internet services. We create web-sites, electronic shops, major portals and provide their maintenance, develop your business promotion strategy via the Internet, organize advertising campaigns, consult and provide quite a number of Internet services. Professional level of our personnel allows us to implement most sophisticated projects at the highest possible level both for minor companies and major corporate clients.

Work style

Each of our projects is unique in its idea and performance criteria. We do not repeat the habitual patterns, we create highest quality web-sites, most of which win the best prizes at major shows and contests. We trace the latest technological innovations in design area and use them in our work, having achieved excellent results. When we first meet our potential customer, we listen to him most attentively. We find an individual approach to each of the customers, study the target market, development strategy, requirements, company structure, and everything which can be of help to you and your problems and to us - creators of site. The second stage of our cooperation is writing of technical assignment and delineating the would-be site structure. We specify the details, analyze the application opportunities of some module, executable or innovatory solution for the site better work. When the technical assignment and the site are approved, it is possible to name the intermediary and final deadlines and the project costs. During the first two weeks of the project, we offer to the customer several design scenarios of the future site produced by various artists, which solves the problem of tender and provides a wide choice to the customer. The approval of the draft project is followed by the content make-up and the installation of program modules and applications. We deliver all parts of the project stage by stage and, when all of them are approved, pass through all its elements careful testing. When the project is fulfilled, our customers receive precious presents from us.

X-Project Design Studio
Building 1, 2nd floor, MGU Nauchny park, Vorobievy Hills
Moscow, 119899
Tel: +7 95 939 2284
Fax/Tel: +7 95 932 8906

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