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Our company was founded in 1994, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We do business with justification of licence from Dubai Municipality. In 1997 Power Promotion Advertising began creation of Web sites. Our main target is to help our clients to extend their business. Internet gives everybody an opportunity to grow as much as his imagination lets. We inly belief that most advanced companies in XXI Century will bring a lot of changes to the world owing to facilities they will get via Internet.

The Idea consists in that, a web site is not a something somewhere in cyberspace. This is a sequel of real life. It needs money to stay On-Line, BUT it should work and make money. This is our policy. It's very simple to make a web site. Every student can. But find solution and make a WEB SITE which will really work and make money is not easy. We can do it and take responsibility on it. We know how to do it! Most of our Customers retrieve money they invest in Internet. Otherwise what is the reason to go On-Line?

There are two completely different things: money making On-Line Project and a web site suitable just to show, on your visiting cards that you are on fashion too, and have an own domain as everybody. We chose first option. We work hard to find a decision that will actually work for your business.

Regular contacts with our clients let us make all necessary corrections in contents of the web sites, so we can be sure it meets everything it should. We prefer long term relations in business and do everything for you to be happy with a web site created and supported by Power Promotion Advertising.

Power Promotion Advertising
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