The Latvian-Russian joint venture LATCONCLAV is based in 1992. The main problem on an extent of more than 6-year's history was business development on the basis of search of the mutually advantageous parties in the relation between Russia and Latvia. Main principles of business organization are high mobility, integrated approach in service of the Customers and high service quality. For all history the company has acquired more than thousand Customers and about 20 partners. Our company since 1996 has became the leader after rendering diverse services (transportation, external economic attitudes(relations), registration of the off-shore companies etc.) Latvian-Russian Customers. For this reason PAREX Bank, after successful five years' work in the beginning of 1997 has finally ratified joint venture LATCONCLAV by the official authorized agent in Russia. Distinctive feature of our company is the integrated approach in service of the Customers, the circle of soluble questions reaches from simple registration of a plastic card and collection down to factoring. For example, to the Latvian-Russian company occupied the import in Russia offers the whole complex of services, as that bank service (opening off-shores, accounts, cards tax planning, factoring circuit) + transport service and customs clearance + marketing circuits (PR-service, determination of an optimum marketing policy). That is, having addressed only to one company it is possible to receive the whole complex of the interconnected services, thereby having minimized costs, concluding the numerous contracts with various narrow-specialized firms.
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