CONTACT is one of the first private advertising agencies in Russia.

It was founded in 1989 by young and ambitious specialists of the State TV and Radio Committee of USSR who had although a ten- year work experience in the sphere of mass communications.

In the beginning, the Agency was rendering media-buying services on TV. The fast success in this sphere was possible due to the thorough knowledge of the whole structure of TV broadcasting: works technology, system and structure of broadcasting, structure of TV audience and TV channels, broad relationships in the sphere of mass communications. While the Russian advertising market was just forming up, the Agency used the earned money for selection and training of the personnel, forming its own structure, broadening the range of services rendered.

Such approach enabled the Agency to go up to the new level: from 1993 the development of the complex of services and the quality of the service became the priority task of the Agency. The Agency defined its triune objective: to study thoroughly the market structure, the product and its consumer qualities, to know everything about the consumer.

In 1994 CONTACT became a Member of The Association of the Russian Advertising Agencies, and some of the agency's executives became members of the International Advertising Association (IAA). In the same year, the Agency delegation took part for the first time in the International Advertising Congress in Mexico and met the IAA President and the heads of the largest advertising agencies. All this helped to better understand the main courses of the world advertising business, to evaluate the level of the Agency's work. It was a stimulus for self-perfection. In 1995, the Agency signed the International Code of Advertising Activity.

Today, CONTACT agency renders a full set of services from carrying out a research and working out concepts to realisation of advertising and PR campaigns.

The structure of the Agency includes creative department, marketing and sociology department, media dept., PR dept., design - studio and photo laboratory, video production studio ASTRA. The staff consists of 90 professionals with a university degree, who assure the high standard of the customer service. The average age of the employees is 30.

CONTACT agency, which stood right at the source of the forming adverting business in Russia is, at the present time, one of the most stable, progressive and dynamic agencies in Russia.

The level of the Agency's services is proved by the work with such famous companies and brands as SONY, ELECTROLUX, CIBA-GEIGY AG, MEAD JOHNSON, ERNST & YOUNG, ZOTT, PIERRE FABRE, KETTLER, BERLIN-CHEMIE, RHONE - POULENC RORER, BRIDGESTONE, UNIQUE PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES, and many other Russian and foreign companies.

The Agency is entrusted to develop images of the top state leaders in mass media.

CONTACT agency was the first one which introduced into practice the sale of advertising air-time in the biggest world sport competitions broadcast in Russia. CONTACT became a possessor of exclusive rights to advertising time in the broadcasts of The World Soccer Championship 1994, European Soccer Championship 1996, European League of Champions 1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-96, Hockey World Cup 1996 and other.

CONTACT agency is a pioneer in many fields.

We are one of the first Russian agencies who tell about itself in INTERNET.
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