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Why .tv

Hi Website Developers!

It's all too common in these troubled times...You can't register or, so you're forced to park your site at There just aren't many good .com names left. Luckily, there's a way to get the name you really want while indicating your dedication to broadband content. It's the intelligent solution for any site with extensive multimedia capabilities. It's the .tv domain, and with thousands of short, relevant .tv web addresses still available, there must be one that's right for you.

With .tv, you can get the only Web address that instantly tells the world you're part of the new generation of online experiences. The Internet is continuously evolving. Many sites that began with simple, text-based pages are now utilizing the boundless capacities of streaming video, audio, and real-time technologies. Only a .tv web address can tell the millions of web surfers out there that you are part of this new generation!

"TV" is a symbol across most age, language, and cultural barriers - allowing companies with the .tv domain to build global brands. Add to that the fact that there are thousands of short, meaningful, relevant domain names available right now, and you have a wealth of new and compelling (not to mention marketable) web identities just waiting to be claimed!

.tv is the top level domain indicator (like .edu or .org) assigned to the country of Tuvalu, a small Pacific Island nation. Through an agreement with Tuvalu, .tv became the exclusive registry and a registrar for names in the .tv domain. Tuvalu plans to use proceeds from the agreement - a minimum of $4 million per year over the next ten years - to increase the quality of life for its approximately 10,000 citizens. Their global marketing campaign, currently incorporating eight different languages, is aggressively touting the .tv name, so your site will gain universal exposure and brand awareness.

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